What exactly are we doing ? In fact, there isn’t a processed food product that we can’t participate in !

We help to define the texture, the taste, the color, the shelf life,… thanks to multiple ingredients made by various reputable producers and often world famous.

Thanks to the expertise of our partners and producers of ingredient (s), we offer sometimes very innovative solutions to our industrial customers mainly located in North Africa.

We also have a pilot workshop that allows us to develop and verify various recipes or the suitability of certain ingredients.

This is what we call B2B in the food industry.

Our work is extremely varied: we go from a flavored stirred yogurt to a mayonnaise, then a chocolate spread to an Algerian kashir, then from extruded potato pellets to fruit puree, from analog cheeses to turkey ham, etc.

Each time, we go into the recipes and processes of our industrial customers in order to help them find technical or economic solutions in their developments.

We learn from our partners, our customers and from each development, to increase expertise at your service.

Our clients are located in North Africa. Our partners are located in North America, South America, Asia, are spread throughout Europe, and to the variety of ingredients is added the variety of cultures with which we exchange and work.

Our reward is having satisfied customers, seeing the products we have developed with them on the market. It is also to see our partners or principals secured by a strengthened and lasting presence in North Africa.

All this, through the work of several teams, has become a passion!